Hiromu Seifert Jazz Voyage

modern jazz - experimental compositions




Hiromu Seifert
*17.11.1991 Berlin
drummer, composer
Hiromu Seifert Jazz Voyage is the vehicle by which Japanese-German artist Hiromu Seifert is expressing himself musically and compositionally. HSJV takes the listener on a journey beyond reality and hopes to touch and inspire the audience.While the compositions provide a coarse plan, each band member is given the space to bring forth their own musical individuality and virtuosity in a harmonious and spontaneous way. The music has been described as sophistaced, but yet direct with a deep sense of harmony and musical development.
Sölvi Kolbeinsson - sax, Morten Duun Aarup - guit, Povel Widestrand - pno, Sidney Werner - bs, Hiromu Seifert - drs & comp





Hiromu Seifert
+491573 1788737
Brauhofstraße 2a
10587 Berlin

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